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The Brewery Beatdown – Fight Lineup Announced!

The clock is ticking. After months of training our intrepid boxers have been evaluated by the trainer and our fights for the night will be:

Alistair “The Cobra” Cox vs Matt “Fish Head” Savage


Lou “Live Wire” Oakley vs Jen “Rum Punch” Faithful


Tom “Bang Bang” Millington vs Craig “Bone Crusher” Gill


Ben “The Whirlwind” Wharfe vs Dunc ‘the Monk’ DiClaudio


Matt “The Terror” Totman vs Paul “Pablo The Punisher” McCormack


Chris “The Scythe” Wheatley vs David “The Sandman” Devsi


Patrick “The Indian Cobra” D’Souza vs Imran “The Psycho” Syed

We can’t wait!