Who Are We?

We are a group of friends who are all very fortunate in being born into a society and families that have provided us with a good education, support and the opportunities to build successful careers in our chosen industries. While we are all grateful for the opportunities that we have been given we realise that this is not the case for everyone.

We set up Universal Chance as we all share a common desire to use the skills that we have developed through our careers to do what we can to help communities that have not been granted the same chances that we have whilst inspiring others to do the same.

What Are We Doing

We aim to deliver projects that will raise money in order to improve the life of communities in countries that don’t receive the same privileges as we do in the UK. This could be anything from improving education facilities to providing medical facilities or giving access to clean water.

We will maintain ongoing relationships with each community to ensure that what we have built with each community is sustainable and supported.

What is a charitable trust?

Universal Chance is a charitable trust (registered charity  #1148737) that is governed by trustees, in pursuit of a defined charitable purpose.  Our trust deed is the governing document which brought Universal Chance into life and it sets out the purpose of the trust along with the powers and responsibilities of the trustees. We currently have seven trustees, each with core personal responsibilities to help Universal Chance achieve success.

The Vision

Support, coach, guide, inspire and empower individuals, organisations and communities to deliver tangible benefits to underprivileged communities.